Timothy - Confidence/Self Esteem

From the start Andrew had an excellent understanding of my fitness health and has continually developed effective training plans for me that have been both challenging and setting a good foundation towards my fitness and future healthy lifestyle goals. I have always found Andrew as a genuine caring guy who easily relates to people and is very adaptable to meet their needs. 

Andrews personal strengths as a highly motivated individual as well as his professional and extensive fitness/nutrition knowledge have all contributed to my own personal fitness successes.

I find his contagious passion for fitness and great sense of humour has encourage me as an individual to want to do well and exceed my own fitness and career goals, by inspiring me to undertake a health coaching course resulting in a stress free career for me in the future.

The confusion of what equipment and exercises to do has been removed by using a Personal Trainer like Andrew and I enjoy going to my gym now with more confidence than I had before thanks to Andrew. I find Andrew’s guidance and personal training goes beyond the regular PT session contributing to what I believe for myself is a better overall lifestyle.

His suggestions and professional advice on additional training, nutrition and tips for pre/post training have all contributed to me achieving my personal fitness goals at an accelerated pace. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to loose weight or improve there overall health to hire Andrew as a personal trainer as he is worth it and gets the results you want